Pi Project Status Report Day 3

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Day 3 was a bit of a loss. I spent a few hours (to no avail) trying to figure out what’s wrong with my Pi Zeros. I’m hoping the answer is secretly “nothing” and that my HDMI cable is bad and I’m not configuring the wifi correctly. After that I futzed with some reading about bluetooth and D-Bus. I think D-Bus may not be what I need going forward. Looking further into existing bluetooth libraries for connecting as a keyboard.

To make sure I got progress on something, I spent the last hour and a half of the day learning how to use a rotary encoder. The basic principle is that there are two contacts in quick succession that are connected and disconnected for every notch you rotate the device knob. If you track which contact was connected first, then you know which direction it was turned. The source code is pretty straight forward.

encoder on a breadboard