Lead Software Engineer
Josh Quintus
(617) 688-7886

With over a decade of experience designing and implementing data-driven projects, I have a proven track record of creating high quality code to serve a variety of businesses — from small startups to global financial institutions. As a technical leader, I’ve established best practices and processes that enable my teams to deliver and maintain enterprise-grade software solutions.

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Work History


January 2019 — Present
Senior Software Engineer

DotAlign, Inc.

March 2015 — January 2019
Principal Developer
  • Redesigning our SQLite and WPF desktop-based product to become cloud native by moving to Azure Functions, SQL Azure, ASP.NET, and Elm
  • Lead and manage a team that has tripled in size while evolving project management structure to fit the changing needs of the product and team
  • Create an environment conducive to both learning and producing excellent code by implementing code reviews to enforce standards, documenting best practices, and encouraging regular talks on a wide variety of technical topics
  • Worked with stakeholders to design and implement a user application to automatically gather data, analyze it, and share it with other users using a patented decentralized algorithm
  • Defined the SDLC process for the team and provided infrastructure and tooling around it using TeamCity as a build system and Jira for task and release management
  • Introduced and taught the team dependency injection containers, improving the quality and maintainability of the product

Yarly, Co.

June 2013 — March 2015
Founding Developer
  • Created and maintained Yarly’s 5 star Android app in C# sharing 80% of code with iOS and WinPhone versions
  • Set up all DevOps aspects of the technology stack including Git repository on TFS, CI builds, Azure hosting, continuous and scheduled jobs, and reporting
  • Led the effort to migrate all our data from MongoDB to Sql Azure

Goldman Sachs

May 2011 — January 2014
Software Engineer for GSAM
  • As a leader in coding practices my advice was sought out formally and informally at all stages of development, from early design to code review
  • Acted as a touch point for the entire software development lifecycle
  • Headed up task forces to deep dive into impactful production bugs and produced temporary workarounds while investigating elusive root causes
  • Brought in to rescue floundering projects
  • Facilitated dialogues across teams and sought feedback about what the future of the system means to different businesses so that we could clearly shape the architecture moving forward
  • Worked with multiple satellite tech teams to create a common trading system for business specific use cases and workflows

FactSet Research Systems Inc.

July 2008 — June 2011
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed Scheduler program, integrating GNU linear algebra libraries to create an optimized schedule for various tasks
  • Lead software engineering efforts for a multi-tiered solution to record upcoming earnings calls utilizing WPF for the presentation layer, SQL Server for the data layer, and WCF hosted in a Windows Service
  • Maintained and supported existing infrastructure, ensuring that stakeholders would always be able to produce a professional product in a timely manner
  • Instituted a weekly code review which helped improve the quality of the code base as well as promote an atmosphere of sharing new and interesting coding practices
  • Streamlined data-verification process, removing thousands of false negatives so that our operations team could concentrate on the handful of actual problems
  • Gathered and interpreted requirements from stakeholders
  • Supported CallStreet’s near-real time data feed by designing and implementing enhancements, fixing bugs, and responding to and helping clients when issues arose

Enterprise Air

July 2006 — July 2008
Senior Software Engineer
  • Managed, designed, and developed an application to configure, test, and determine the overall health of a distributed system in real time
  • Maintained and added features to command and control software communicating with multiple end points through WMI and Microsoft Message Queues
  • Designed and implemented a distributed software package which routes user data to subscribed ID management and physical access control systems
  • Communicated with the QA/Tech Support team to turn client requirements into solid feature requests for various projects and to help understand clients’ needs
  • Supervised the creation of multiple levels of documentation across projects, including user guides, developer documentation, and architecture overviews
  • Created intuitive UI layouts with a focus on ease of deployment and maintenance by clients

Enpocket, Inc.

May 2005 — May 2006
Field Engineer / Assistant IT Support Specialist
  • Created and deployed mobile web services
  • Administrated systems and networks in a mostly Fedora Core 3 production environment
  • Installed and maintained an in-office VoIP Asterisk PBX
  • Laid down telephone and CATV office cabling



March 2016
The coolest way to whip out Chocolatey releases from GitHub and AppVeyor
  • A simple-to-install NuGet package that enables continuous delivery to the Chocolatey package manager
  • Works with GitHub and AppVeyor
  • Updates are automatically released to NuGet using CoolWhip


January 2016
Add a little color to your console
  • Tool to colorize the output of any command line application
  • Configured using either a simple text file or with built-in commands
  • Updates are automatically released to Chocolatey using ChocolateyCoolWhip


May 2015
The coolest way to whip out NuGet releases from GitHub and AppVeyor
  • NuGet package to add continuous delivery to a NuGet package hosted in GitHub


February 2015
Visual Studio extension to open the current document in an external editor
  • Released to the Visual Studio Extension Gallery
  • Open with Vim by default, but can be configured to use any editor

Xamarin Forms Shopping Cart

October 2014
Sample code and detailed articles detailing pitfalls of Xamarin Forms
  • Featured in the Xamarin Weekly Newsletter
  • Provides insight and best practices for an emerging technology
  • Discusses options for consistently styling cross-platform applications
  • Highlights bugs and the necessary workarounds when using Xamarin Forms

Message Master

December 2009
Automates sending repetitive text messages
  • Created an Android application to send canned text messages
  • Released to the Android Marketplace

Wall Master

August 2008
Manages and sets desktop wallpapers
  • Wrote a WPF tray application to independently set wallpapers when using multiple monitors
  • Accesses the Windows API with P/Invoke
  • Resizes and repositions image dynamically when resolution changes


Core Competencies

.NET/Visual Studio, Xamarin Android, Windows Azure, Windows Services, Debugging, Software Design


C#, SQL, JSON, XML, XSLT, F#, Perl

Development Tools

Visual Studio 2003 - 2017, SQL Management Studio 2008, Moq, Ninject, NUnit, XUnit, Git, Perforce, Vim, Cake, TeamCity 8.x, SpecFlow

Android Development

Xamarin, MvvmCross, Xamarin Forms


.NET, Azure Functions 2.0, Web Services (WCF), WPF, Windows Services, Regular Expressions, MS Message Queues, WMI



July 2010
Training: Exploring .NET 4.0

Topics: LINQ, WPF, WCF, Threading, Concurrency, Parallel Programming, Silverlight

Northeastern University

May 2006
BS in Computer Science; Minor in Mathematics

Topics: Cryptography, Compilers, Programming Languages, Computer Organization and Design, Topics in OS, Software Design, Computer Networking, Macroeconomics, Calculus, Differential Equations in Linear Algebra, Number Theory