Woodworking Youtube Channels

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I’ve been trying to get into woodworking for the past few months. Most of my resources have been YouTube videos and reddit. I’m compiling a list of the channels that I go to regularly and enjoy.

  • Woodworking for Mere Mortals has a lot of videos focusing on the “weekend woodworker” that doesn’t have a lot of tools, shop space, or time. Lots of great intro videos for how to use tools, what you really need to get started, and what projects you can tackle. Steve also has a woodworking class for $150 that has very detailed project videos and plans.
  • DIY For Knuckleheads. Lots of great project videos that feature beginner friendly techniques and how to make great use out of cheap or free wood. Great tip knackers!
  • Stumpy Nubs has a lot of how to’s and other beginner friendly content. Their “cool tool” series is great too.
  • Bourbon Moth has professional level project videos (as in they are mostly commissioned projects that he’s working on). His series on cabinet building is really good. He also has a 5 part series on building a boat. Recently he’s added a cocktail video each month.
  • Wood Work Web is mostly short videos focusing on either a series of useful tips or a specific technique.
  • Fisher’s Shop has a lot of project based videos. Most projects feel like they can be done by a beginner stretching from their comfort zone. Plus the outtakes at the end are a lot of fun.
  • Rex Kruger. This channel goes into a lot of details on hand tools, especially planes. Rex has great information on building up your workshop (and bench) to make you successful using hand saws and planes. He also has lots of recommendations on how to do things inexpensively and where and when you should spend the money. This includes stuff like how to buy an inexpensive plane and tune it to work well.
  • 3x3Customhas a lot of really cool project builds. She’s definitely not a beginner but her builds feel accessible.
  • April Wilkerson’s has some great videos on shop organization. She has a lot of videos on detailed furniture and deck builds but I really like the way she thinks about organization and packing in as much functionality to her shop storage as possible. I want her miter saw stand.
  • Blacktail Studiodoes a lot of high end table builds.