Getting Https Set Up On Githubpages With A Cutom Domain

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Adding a certificate to your GitHub Pages site so that all of your traffic can use HTTPS is easy… if you don’t use a custom domain name. If you do have a custom domain, then you need to do a little work and a (free) Cloud Flare account to get it going.

  1. Create your free acount on
  2. Enter your site’s address in the setup bar
  3. Head over to your DNS provider and add the Clod Flare servers as your custom domain servers. e.g. On NameCheap
  4. Optionally, you can head back to Cloud Flare and set up a page rule to redirect all HTTP pages to redirect to HTTPS. Just add a rule to match http://**
  5. Wait. DNS has to happen now.

Thanks to Hacker Noon for pointing this out.