Docker And Githubpages

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GitHub Pages have some great features that I’m excited about. Markdown makes writing code-centric blog posts easy. Storing posts in git is great – history, diffs, and no need to learn a new tool. Not to mention simple hosting by GitHub.

There’s just one minor issue, setting up a decent environment on a Windows machine can be troublesome if you’re not alread a Ruby developer. I’ve tried twice now and run into issues both times. Multiple versions of Ruby, non-Windows friendly libraries, failed SSL certs, and probably a few more things that I’ve forgotten. Next I thought I’d try it on Linux on Windows. For the most part that worked well, except some auto-reload features didn’t work well.

It’s almost as if I would be better off trying to run the environment on a Linux machine. Seeing as I don’t have a spare machine and hate running VMs on my work laptop, I’m probably not running Linux any time soon.

All I really want is a preconfigured environment that I can download quickly and not have to do anything to setup. Is that too much to ask? Apparently not. Heading over to Docker Hub, I found several Docker Images for exactly the environment I wanted. I blindly went with the one with the most downloads. There was one minor hicup. The instuctions use the Linux variable $PWD to mount the volume from the host machine to the Docker image. That just needed to be translated to %CD%. With that down, I was able to point the browser on my Windows machine to localhost:4040/ and my website was up. I could edit any file with whatever Windows tool I was comfortable with (ironically, Vim), save it and my site would be regenerated.

All told, I was up and running in about 15 minutes, including download time and writing two simple batch files to start and stop the containers.


@ECHO off
ECHO Starting gpages container

docker run -t --rm           ^
    --name gpages            ^
    -v "%CD%":/usr/src/app   ^
    -p 4000:4000             ^


@ECHO off
ECHO Stopping gpages container
docker stop gpages